For Multiracial and Civil Rights:

Mixed-Race Stories of Discrimination 


“In Multiracials and Civil Rights, Tanya Kateri Hernandez insightfully analyzes the claim that mixed race people will end racial discrimination as we know it and render inadequate the existing legal tools to address it.  At the same time, Hernandez skillfully addresses the claims that the civil rights laws fail to address the discrimination against multiracial people in American social life. Unfortunately, racism and discrimination based on physical appearance — even with the rise of multiracialism — is alive and well in the modern United States and the traditional legal tools exist to support efforts to challenge discrimination against multiracial people. Multiracials and Civil Rights is a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in sophisticated analysis of the use of the civil rights laws to challenge discrimination in the United States.”

—Kevin R. Johnson, Dean, UC Davis School of Law


“The increase in interracial marriages following the Supreme Court’s decision in Loving v. Virginia ushered in an era of racial self-identification as Loving’s children struggle to define themselves in a world that views race as monolithic. Multiracials and Civil Rights is an important contribution to the emerging literature about the post-Loving multiracial generation.  It explores claims that multiracials experience a unique form of race-based discrimination.  This thoroughly researched book is a must read, the first legally-focused discussion of whether current anti-discrimination law adequately addresses discrimination claims by multiracials.”

—Taunya Lovell Banks, Jacob A. France Professor of Equality Jurisprudence,      University of Maryland Law School